Gluten Free Soft Cheese and Cucumber Starter

About the recipe

Whenever I think about this recipe I think about celebrations and New Years Eve.

This was one of my favourite starters that my mom has ever made, almost 12 years ago , and ever since it’s been my first option whenever I have to make some starters for a party or I just want a light and tasty snack.

As I said before,it doesn’t matter if you change one ingredient because you will still have a tasty recipe ,so today I will use goats cheese combined with soft cheese, but if you’re not a fan of goats cheese that’s all right, you can remove it from the recipe and only use soft cheese. It’s just as delicious!



(2 persons)


1/2 organic cucumber

70g goats cheese

125 g soft cheese

Pancetta or Crispy bacon

Salt, pepper



  1. In a small bowl put the goats cheese and the cream cheese and mix it together with a spoon or fork and season it with a pinch of salt

  2. Cut the cucumber into 1 cm rolls and put the pieces on a plate

  3. Add the mix of goat and soft cheese on top on the cucumbers

  4. Cut the pancetta or crispy bacon into tiny pieces and add them on top of the cheese

  5. Season with salt and pepper




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